Baby Farm Animal Power Rankings: 1/17/13

Lotta movement this week in Baby Farm Animal Power Rankings, with everyone fighting hard for those top spots. Still, much like Highlander, there can be only one. 


1. Baby Goats (-)

It’s hard to remember that baby goats were something of a dark horse contender at one point. Their dominance, whether in pics like this from Sprout Creek Farms or in incredibly strong video offerings, in inarguable. Is it too soon to start talking dynasty?

(Image: Sprout Creek Farms)


2. Baby Ducks (↑3)

Don’t call it a comeback, because they’ve never been gone. Baby ducks, after spending a season in the basement, have come roaring back. Why? Three words: dedication, dedication, dedication. Baby goats need to sleep with one eye open.

(Image: Jonathan Assink/CC 2.0)


3. Baby Cows (-)

Not a lot of movement from baby cows this week, but when you’re in the top three do you really need to sweat it? We’ve all heard the chatter: calves have gotten complacent, they aren’t ready to do the hard work needed to be number one, and their best days are behind them. This is the same talk we’ve heard for years, and yet here we are, yet again, with baby cows in the top three. They ain’t going nowhere.

(Image: R0Ng/CC 2.0)


4. Baby Sheep (↑2)

It’s been a wild ride for lambs, up and then down and then back up again. But there’s no doubt that we’re gonna be seeing continuing strong efforts from them. And, lest we need to remind you (we don’t need to remind you, right?), they continue to benefit from a little something called “lambie jammies.” We say sheep are going deep this year. 

(Image: achuka/CC 2.0)


5. Baby Horses (↓3)

Don’t be foaled (groan). Baby horses, while down a bit from last week, are still very much in this to win this. That said, they’ve lacked a certain spark, a certain joie de vivre, that we’ve come to expect from them. We’re not saying that the fat lady has sung for baby horses, but she’s running some scales, getting those vocal chords loosened up. Time to wake up, baby horses.

(Image: Laura Vlaanderen/CC 2.0)


6. Baby Pigs (↓2)

Far be it from us to suggest to baby pigs how to do baby pigs. Piglets have been doing fine for years. But we’d also like to suggest that that is all they’ve been doing: fine. Not great. Certainly not on the level of champions. Look, piglets: we all love Charlotte’s Web. But that book came out six decades ago and last time we checked, we haven’t seen any literate spiders coming out of the woodwork to save your bacon. Gut check time: is greatness inside you? We say yes, but only if there’s a turnaround, tout suite.

(Image: REL Waldman/CC 2.0) 


7. Baby Chicks (-)

Baby chicks continue their run as cellar dwellers this week. May we suggest they take this time to take stock? We see this is being a rebuilding period for them — a time to try to remember the essentials of what made them great. No one doubts baby chicks can do it. It’s just a question of when.

(Image: broughtbooks/CC 2.0)

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